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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Pitreavie Keeps Running during Locking

Published on Wednesday, 06 May 2020 13:47

Pitreavie AAC- Lockdown Actvities

In common with other sporting clubs, Pitreavie AAC stopped participating in events and formal training just before the COVID-19 lockdown started.  But undeterred by the inability to physically be together, the club’s community spirit has risen to the occasion, with members of all ages putting their best foot forward through virtual competitions and training.  This has been a great boost to members, allowing them to draw on each other’s positive energy and mindset, and helping them deal with the motivational challenges of lockdown.

Paul Allan, club’s president and an athletics coach, his wife Nicola, and daughter Faye, came up with the idea of delivering an online follow-along home exercise routine to help athletes, runners and their families maintain and develop fitness during lockdown.   To make it accessible and fun, the routine uses props found in most homes, including DVD cases to make mini hurdles and cuddly toys instead of balls.  The workouts have become so popular they have been promoted by Scottish Athletics and British Athletics across their social media pages, leading to viewing figures of 3000, with the furthest viewer being Scott Ryan in the USA.  Meanwhile, athletics coach Francis Smith has also been busy finding creative ways to keep athletes engaged through the Pitreavie Weekly Activity challenge.  From the Easter egg and spoon squat, to Speed bounce over a towel, with the latest being the toilet roll plank challenge.

The Pitreavie AAC Endurance section have also been busy bringing to life their lockdown motto ‘training together while being apart’.  Their leader, Campbell Blair, encourages members to use the new Positivity Page to share their efforts in maintaining fitness.  This includes following the group’s bi-weekly training programme or simply going for a walk while following government distancing guidelines.  Posts and pictures of members exercising solo or with families have flooded in and the page has become a roaring success.  Members have also had fun with the daily musical pick from their running playlist in the ‘roulette wheel of fortune’, with club members displaying wide musical taste from rock, pop, and dance anthems.

Although all formal races and ParkRuns have temporarily been halted, David Henderson, a core Endurance section member, has organised a virtual 5k time trial race, again following social distance guidelines.  Participating members either run 10 times to receive a medal, or 6 times to receive a much anticipated chocolate bar, and are scored on both personal improvement in times and wearing Pitreavie AAC training colours, the top 3 getting extra prizes.  There’s also a 3k version aimed at those preferring a shorter distance and group’s youngsters.   With over 77 adults and 15 kids logging over 187 performances, and over 50% already improving their times, this has proven incredibly popular.  As well as the successful Time Trial, the Endurance section continue to organise their monthly 5 mile handicap race, again as a virtual event, where runners choose a route close to home. With placings depending on individual improvements, the fastest don’t always win!


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