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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Pre-School & P1-P3 Athletics Classes in 2018

Published on Sunday, 10 September 2017 13:32

Pitreavie AAC will again be offering pre-school age athletics classes in 2019. We are also offering a follow-on class for preschoolers who are now of school age, suitable for children in Primary 1 up to Primary 3.

Current research advises that in addition to unstructured play time, children aged 3-5 should have 60 minutes of structured physical activity per day.  Pitreavie AAC’s pre-school athletics programme introduces children to fundamental athletics skills – running, throwing and jumping - in a non-competitive, fun environment.  

The classes will develop physical attributes like agility, coordination and balance and also social skills including cooperation, interaction with adults and peers, persistence, discipline, asking for help, resilience, the value of effort and self-confidence.

All classes will be planned and led by a qualified athletics coach with adult to child ratio not exceeding 1:8. We use the Pitreavie Athletics Club gym (below) and the grass area outside (weather permitting), classes are not cancelled due to poor weather as the clubhouse is fully equipped with facilities.

Preschool classes will run during school term times and last 45 minutes. The cost of each class is £4, paid in a block per term - classes can be booked online below.

School-age classes last 1 hour and cost £5.00




Pre-school Classes (Nursery age)

Thursday Morning Preschool, 0930-1015 (new time)      Book online


Saturday Morning Preschool,  0900-0945      Book online


School age Class (Primary 1 - Primary 3)  Thursday After School,

P1-P3, 1600-1700    PRIORITY GIVEN TO EXISTING ATTENDEES   Book online


Pitreavie AAC is grateful to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust for their support with the provision of these classes.


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