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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Club Championship Results and Info

Published on Saturday, 11 April 2015 08:36

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Attached PDFs 2017


The Club Champs is held at the start of the summer season and is spread over two days; for 2017 this will be Saturday 8th April from 11-3pm and Sunday 9th April from 11-3pm.

The competition is restricted to members of the club who must have paid their annual membership fees by Thursday 6th April. If you have not paid membership you will be refused entry on the day of the competition and no refunds of entry will be given.

NOTE as a condition of entry all U11-U17s must provide a volunteer to assist, We cannot run this event without volunteers. This will be a maximum of 2 hours at the event. 

Results from the Club Champs are used to aid team selection in the first league matches as it gives Team Managers a guide to current form, especially with newer athletes in the club. It is therefore important to enter your best and most favoured events.

The maximum number of events for all age groups is five and the type of events athletes can enter depends on their age group:

  • Under 11s        100m, 800m, long jump, high jump and shot putt
  • Under 13s        3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field (must include one jump and one throw)
  • Under 15s        3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field (must include one jump and one throw)
  • Under 17s        3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field
  • Under 20s        3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field
  • Seniors            3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field      
  • Masters           3 track and 2 field or 2 track and 3 field

At the lower age groups it is encouraged to enter the maximum number of events.

The Scotstat performance tables will be used to allocate points to the athlete’s result from each event. All points are totted up to give each athlete an overall score. In the event of a tie, the athlete who scored the highest number of points in an individual event will win.

For U17 up to Master a minimum of four events must be entered to be eligible for the title of Club Champion. At these age groups we will also have an event champion for each age group in the following event categories:
Sprints (up to 400m)
Endurance (800m +)
The SATS scoring will be used to determine these.


Attached PDFs (2016)


Attached PDFs (2015)

Note the results are still to be scrutinised before publishing to Po10. There are two results missing (neither would have had any impact on the medalists) - T30 (U17 Women's 100m final) and T64 (U17 Women's 800m). We will update the results once these have been sourced.

Where there were heats and finals points are allocated to the best performance of the two. The lowest performance will not show any points. 

There may also be errors with the points (some of these sheets were manually compiled) so it probably best to ignore them. The results program automatically computes the points and allocates them which were accurate.


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