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Pitreavie AAC Endurance - Club Championship

Published on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:33

2018-2019 Club Championship

Each year we select a variety of different local events which will form our annual club championship. The club championship is open to all members of Pitreavie AAC Endurance. For 2018-2019 we are using  the successful 3 mini-championships within the main championship:

> XC/Trail Championship

> Speed Championship (events <10k)

> Endurance Championship (events of 10k+)

The aim of our club championships is as follows:

> To promote a healthy level of competition within the club
> To provide a variety of events to cater for all ages/abilities over a range of distances and terrains
> To provide formal targets/objectives for members to work towards; to give your training some focus
> To help members gauge their progress in training
> To promote Pitreavie AAC through representation in local races
> To support local events and local running clubs
Participation in the club championship races is entirely optional. There is no pressure on members to participate, however we hope we have provided a wide enough selection of races to cater for all abilities and all preferences.


Championship Rules/Qualifying Criteria


Mini-Championship Qualifying Criteria and point scoring:

> Minimum 3 events to qualify for mini champs
> Best 5 results (if more than 5 run)
> Highest points in each age category wins Trophy (Age Categories: Senior (M/F), V40 (M/F), V50+ (M/F))

> 1st Place = 10                2nd Place = 7
> 3rd Place = 5                  4th Place = 3
> 5th Place = 2                  6th+ Place = 1
Maximum Score = 50 points


Overall Championship Qualifying Criteria and point scoring:

> Mininum 5 events to qualify (1 more than current qualifying criteria)
> At least 1 race in each category (i.e. you can't just run all you events in one or two categories)
> Best 10 results are used for your final place (if more than 10 run)  i.e. If you did 12 events your lowest 2 scores would be removed - this caters for below par performances
> CLUB COLOURS MUST BE WORN IN CHAMPIONSHIP RACES (Unless you are running for charity)
> Points as per those listed under individual categories. Maximum Score = 100 points
> Highest points in each age category wins the overall championshop Trophy (Age Categories: Senior (M/F), V40 (M/F), V50+ (M/F))
Entry Details (* Dates highlighted in orange are the 2017 dates and have been shown for indicitive purposes (dates will be published as soon as they are available)
> Entry is the responsibility of each individual - most events will be open to entry via EntryCentral or an event specific website
> As a member of PAACE you gain FREE entry to the 3 East District League XC events - No pre-entry is required, you just turn up on the day and pick up your number for the Pitreavie AAC XC Team Manager (Penny Hicks)
> Entry for the following XC races will be via the Scottish Athletics website (the XC Team Manager will advise): National XC Short Course / East District XC Champs / National XC Champs
> Parkrun dates will be advised nearer the time based on the finalised race calendar

2018-19 Events and Results

Details of the events selected for 2019 can be viewed in the attached document (Confirmed dates will updated when available):



2018 Events and Results


> Results will be published when available


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