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Pitreavie AAC Endurance - Club Handicap

Published on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:34

Handicap Overview

The handicap is our monthly 5 mile road race across our regular out and back handicap route (See route details below).

This is a timed race with everyone's start times staggered based on previous handicap performances. As the race progresses and the handicap unwinds the field starts to come back together, creating a competitive race as the faster runners try to catch the earlier starters.The beauty of the handicap is the everyone, irrespective of ability or running pace, has a chance to win; and, as history has shown, it is rarely the fastet runner in the club that wins!

Prizes are awarded to the first 3 runners each month, with points earned throughout the year counting towards the overall championship. At the end of the year a shield is awarded to the overall handicap championship winner, with medals for 2nd and 3rd place.

New members run their first handicap for a time. This time in then used to calculate your start time for future handicap events. We make sure we partner new runners with someone of similar pace to ensure you have someone to guide you around the course.

The handicap is a great way to gauge your progress throughout the year in a competitive environment and we encourage all members to take part, as the more runners, the better the race.


Handicap Route

START: Start on the lane by Pitreavie AAC Clubhouse

1: Head along the lane, exiting onto Queensferry Road (Turning Right) (Note: on the dark nights we may start/finish at the end of the lane on the pavement)

2: Head up Queensferry Road, turning right onto Laburnum Road at the Picorthie Roundabout

3: At the end of Laburnum Road turn left onto Birrel Drive

4: Follow Birrel Drive up and over the hill, keeping to the left pavement.

5: Stay on Birrel Drive until Glen Nevis Drive, where you turn left.

6: Exit Glen Nevis Drive, turning right onto Aberdour Road.

7: Follow Aberdour Road until you reach the Masterton Roundabout. Turn right onto Masterton Road.

8: After a short distance on Masterton Road take the first right onto Morrison Drive.

9: At the end of Morrison Drive turn right onto Evershed Road and then immediately right onto Menteith Drive.

10: Loop all the way round Menteith Drive, turning left onto Kerrisk Drive.

11: At the end of Kerrisk Drive turn left onto Evershed Road. Head down Evershed Road, taking the second left back onto Morrison Drive.

12: Once on Morrison Drive retrace your steps back to the along the same route as the outward journey.

FINISH: Finish where the race started on the lane  by Pitreavie AAC Clubhouse



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