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Forth Valley League

Published on Thursday, 31 March 2016 15:04

Who are the team managers?

  • Willie Grieve (U15)
  • Euan Millar (U13)
  • Julie McLeod (U11)


2018 Match Dates


Match 1

Livingston Sat 18th May 2019  

Match 2

Grangemouth Sat  22nd June 2019  


Grangemouth Sat  24th August 2019  

President’s Select





Where can I find league information?

What is this league?

This league is for clubs in Central Scotland and consists of two matches, a final and a President Select Match. The league consists of three divisions with six teams in each division. Pitreavie has always competed in Division 1.

Who competes in this league?

U11 to U15 male and female athletes

What are the different matches?

Match 1 and 2 consist of a mixture of track and field events plus relay. These are relatively short matches (three hours) and the number of events varies per age group. There is an A and B string athlete for each event:

Match 1

U11      Two track, one field

U13      Two track, one field

U15      Two track, two field

All                    Relay

Match 2

 U11      Two track, one field

 U13      Two track, two field

 U15      Two track, one field

 All                    Relay

The final consists of a full program of events and in addition to competing for Pitreavie, athletes have the opportunity to win medals in individual events. You can be selected for the final even if you have not competed in the first two matches.

The President Select match is split into three teams; Winners of Division 1, winners of Division 2 and a President Select team. The three teams are selected from athletes who have competed in the first three matches. Pitreavie team managers do not have any input on picking a team; unless they win Division 1.  If you are selected to compete at this match you will therefore be in a team consisting of athletes from other clubs. This match also has medals for individual events and has a full programme.

How is the team selected?

Unlike the YDL league where the standard means Pitreavie must put out the best team possible, the team in this league will consist of mixed ability. By mixing the team, this gives more athletes a chance to compete whilst still remaining strong enough to stay in Division 1.

In the first two matches, athletes tend to be picked for a maximum of two events (one of them could be the relay). This allows more athletes to participate.

How do I know if I am selected?

You will be contacted by the relevant team manager at least 1week before the match.  You will be provided with details of the event(s) you are selected for plus the team managers’ contact details. You must confirm that you are available otherwise another athlete will be selected.

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