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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Forth Road Bridge Virtual 10K

Published on Wednesday, 05 October 2016 09:41


After the success of the annual Forth Road Bridge 10K we have some fantastic custom medals left which we would like to use to raise additional funds to support a section of our club. We have therefore set up the FORTH ROAD BRIDGE VIRTUAL 10K.

You can run any 10K route between the 1st and 31st of October, however the route must cross the Forth Road Bridge.


  1. You register to secure a place for the FRB Virtual 10K -
  2. Once registered you run 10K (minimum) in a single run between 1st and 31st October. The route can be any that you wish, so long as you cross the Forth Road bridge at some point during the route.
  3. Once you complete your run you send "proof" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This can be a recorded route on strava, garmin etc or just a photo of a watch/phone with the time/distance plus a selfie of you on the bridge :-)
  4. Results will be updated below and on 1st November the "results" from all the runners will be published.
  5. Your medal will be posted.


The cost covers the online procesing fee (60p), cost of medal and postage & packing for the medal. All monies raised from this race will be used to pay for work to be carried out in Pitreave AAC Clubhouse to allow the recently formed Pitreavie RaceRunning Group to store new bikes which they have secured funding for through the Cashback for Communities funding.



Dave Clark Unattached 00:39:13 POSTED 25/10
Arron Leitch PH Racing Club 00:44:59 POSTED 25/10
Phillip Suttie Unattached 00:44:59 POSTED 25/10
Michael Watson Unattached 00:47:33 POSTED 25/10
Danny Byrne Wee County Harriers 00:51:21  
Gordon Halliday Anster Haddies 00:52:47 POSTED 25/10
Steven Murray Unattached 00:53:13 POSTED 25/10
Clare Murphy Unattached 00:54:02 POSTED 25/10
Laura Prentice Sweatshop Running Community Edinburgh 00:56:32 POSTED 1/11
Alan Doig Unattached 00:56:35 POSTED 25/10
Lisa Cooper Unattached 00:57:39 POSTED 25/10
Andrew Beattie Sweatshop Running Community 00:58:00 POSTED 1/11
Morna Fleming Carnegie Harriers 00:58:34 POSTED 25/10
Graham Rule Edinurgh Frontrunners 00:59:14 POSTED 1/11
Chris Coleman Sweatshop Running Community Edinburgh 00:59:50 POSTED 1/11
Megan McKeracher Edinburgh Running Network 01:01:12 POSTED 25/10
Paula Frame Unattached 01:03:04 POSTED 1/11
Lynne Dair Jog Scotland Cowdenbeath 01:03:15 POSTED 25/10
Dawn Watson Unattached 01:03:23 POSTED 1/11
Sue Walker Carnegie Harriers 01:03:54 POSTED 25/10
Ken Walker Carnegie Harriers 01:03:54 POSTED 25/10
Carole Mallet Lomond Hill Runners 01:04:08 POSTED 25/10
Amber Merten Unattached 01:05:13 POSTED 1/11
Gillian Burke Falkland Trail Runners 01:05:35 POSTED 25/10
Shelley Porterfield Jogscotland Kinross 01:07:29 POSTED 25/10
Billy Webster Jogscotland Kinross 01:07:29 POSTED 25/10
Janice Webster Jogscotland Kinross 01:07:29 POSTED 25/10
Anne Duncan Sweatshop Runing Community 01:07:38 POSTED 1/11
Carolanne Watson Jogscotland 01:08:00 POSTED 25/10
Clare McTigue Unattached 01:08:03 POSTED 1/11
Lynne Begg Jogscotland 01:08:22 POSTED 2/11
Sarah Donnelly Unattached 01:08:43 POSTED 1/11
Moray Kyle Unattached 01:09:23 POSTED 25/10
Scott Renton Unattached 01:09:41 POSTED 25/10
Hannah Allum Anster Allsorts 01:11:09 POSTED 25/10
Lindsay Mackay Anster Allsorts 01:11:09 POSTED 25/10
Sharon Parkin Harmeny AC 01:11:11 POSTED 25/10
Karen Capewell Unattached 01:11:11 POSTED 25/10
Lucy Wilson Anster Allsorts 01:11:43 POSTED 25/10
Viv Hanson Unattached 01:11:43 POSTED 25/10
Linda Kirkcaldy Anster Allsorts 01:11:57 POSTED 25/10
Lee-Ann Miller Unattached 01:12:00 POSTED 25/10
Douglas Kenmure Unattached 01:12:07 POSTED 1/11
Marie Paterson Anster Allsorts 01:12:52 POSTED 1/11
Lynne Barker Anster Allsorts 01:12:52 POSTED 1/11
John Heron Run 4 It Run Club 01:13:18 POSTED 25/10
Shonagh Byrne Unattached 01:13:38 DELIVERED
Nicola Moriarty Pitreavie AAC 01:13:38 DELIVERED
Karen Campbell Falkland Trail Runners 01:13:39 POSTED 25/10
Helen Howden Unattached 01:15:39 POSTED 1/11
Fiona Mackenzie Edinburgh Running Network 01:17:33 POSTED 25/10
Graeme Watt jogscotland 01:17:33 POSTED 25/10
Shona Macaleer Unattached 01:20:19 POSTED 25/10
Catriona Whitelaw Milestones Jogscotland 01:20:19 POSTED 25/10
Norma McDonald Milestones Jogscotland 01:20:19 POSTED 25/10
Karen Haddon Mayfield Jogscotland 01:21:34 POSTED 25/10
Zoe King Sweatshop 01:24:00 POSTED 25/10
Pamela Duffy Unattached 01:26:46 POSTED 25/10
Janifer Watson Anster Allsorts 01:30:45 POSTED 1/11
Iain Donaldson Falkland Trail Runners 01:30:45 POSTED 1/11
Anne Conrad Unattached 01:34:07 POSTED 25/10
Kirsty Drummond Unattached 01:35:53 POSTED 25/10
Paul Stewart Unattached 01:35:53 POSTED 25/10
Lorna Hughes Leven Las Vegas 01:35:53 POSTED 25/10
Kirsty Macdonald Run Mummy Run 01:53:00 POSTED 1/11



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